Starbucks, Costa, or Cafe Nero: where to remote work

This is probably going to an ongoing post. But basically, what coffee shop is best to work in?

I guess the problem for all of these stores is that while us laptoppers may make it feel busy, we don’t bring in much money.

Unless you don’t mind decaffinated coffee!

Costa comfort and ambience

Costa is now ubiquitous in the UK. This is all well and good but are they any good to work in?

Well, lets be honest, Costa is pretty tired designwise. The coffee is ok but its permanent beige.

In fact, I’d go so far to say sitting inside Costa is like being inside a cup of coffee but without the need to drown.

However, on the other hand, they are usally warm. They have seats the right height. And the wifi works with minimum hassle.

The latter point is all important.

6 out of 10

Starbucks – new design but the old one was nicer

I don’t often have occasion to work in Starbies, despite the blog being named after it.

Yet I know enough to know the design has recently been revamped. And to be honest, it is not good for the home worker.

There’s too many benches and low down stools. They don’t miss a trick do they. They know laptoppers don’t buy much beyond a tall americano.

Moreover, this is a downvote because the wifi has always been dicey.

2 out of 10

Cafe Nero

There is something about Cafe Nero that is cold. They always seem to be draughty. Unless it is hot outside, then it’s like a greenhouse with BO.

It is also too wooden with pointy tables and chairs. It needs a little padding around.

Yet, on the good side the wifi just about works. At least it is better than Starbies, which is frankly impossible.

5 out of 10

More to follow…

Mark Histcock

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