Ways to Make Money with WordPress

It keeps getting bandied  around that WordPress powers something like 20% of the web. Even if it’s only half true, and you’re looking to make money on the side or online then WordPress’s got to be centre of any plan.

Here we take a quick look at some of the ways that you can use it to make money. Yes some of it requires a little skill but all of the suggestions below are learnable.

Creating and Selling Plugins

Okay this is one of the hardest ones. But it also can be one of the most lucrative. Creating plug-ins for WordPress is a surefire way to bring in income. There are thousands of plugins but that simply proves the market.

There are plug-ins for every niche . If you have an edge then this is an excellent way to scratch it.

The downside is you will have to learn some PHP. But, PHP is not a hard language to learn. At least not in terms of making it work with WordPress where the API is pretty much sorted out.

Don’t believe me take a look at some of the people that are making plug-ins already. Hardly any of them are full-time programmers.

Develop Themes

The market for themes and WordPress is huge. Again no plug-ins this falls into the scratcher in each category. There are very few people who would say that they found their ideal theme on WordPress.

Again with this one you will need to know a little bit of PHP and more importantly CSS. But it is very straightforward and you don’t need to be an expert.

All you really do is put together the layout as an HTML file. Then you tie it up with the wordpress CMS. Against plugins will help you do most of this.

Consulting Services

If you can do the above then why not offer consulting services to other companies?

There are so many companies out there that use WordPress. Many of them they have set them up themselves. Out-of-the-box, WordPress is fine but if you want to add in any custom fields then you will need to bring in a professional.

Set up

Let’s be honest some people just do not get on well with the web but they needed it.  If you’re used to setting up websites and why not set them up for other people. It’s a click and drag operation but simple for you is complicated somebody else. That’s how the world works right?

WordPress as a commercial site

This leads onto the next thing WordPress is best known as a blogging platform but there’s so much more to that. Over the last two years WordPress has become more commonly used as an overall website CMS.

It has so many things baked into it like canonical rail links and other other elements of SCO.  if you are considering launching your own business in another field then WordPress is an excellent way to get the word out that.

Theme alterations

This probably links into consulting services but there is a real need for people to go out and alter things. For a start menu to develop a companies it’s too much work to fiddle around with the colours and enough bar. But for you, who know what you’re doing, it is a nice way to make money.

Create your own products

You can use WordPress to market your own products. By that I mean actually turning it into the store. This can be easily done through Woocommerce which is yet another plug-in.

The true beauty of WordPress is that it keeps everything simple. For example, I have tried building something in Ruby on rails and while very flexible it keeps you working acid all kinds of things.

So they have it that they are my thoughts on how you can make money using WordPress.

Kath Breen

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