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Best coffee shop sounds

One of the best things about working from home is you can work anywhere, right?

It sounds parodoxical but therein lies the truth. Sometimes choice is a bad thing.

For example, you want the atmosphere of the coffee shop but not the hassle, the screaming kids, the caffeine…

There is a solution. Just recreate the coffee shop in your own home office.

To help, here is a list of the best working from home coffee shop sounds Youtube has to offer.

Cafe atmosphere bottled

This one is a favourite. Probably because it is in stereo. There is also a nice slice of conversation halfway through, which you can only half here.

A good focus and distraction at the same time.

This one is from Paris. Good sounds although my French has not improved since school and I prefer English conversation.

Goes on for an hour, which is ok but I prefer longer. It’s amazing how familiar they get after a couple of listens.

What I like about this one is it lasts for eight hours. So there’s none of the issues with repeat conversations (at one asssumes that to be the case).

Incidentally, it would be fairly easy to loop 30 minutes or so. But it would be easy to work it out after a while.

These are all sound only but one interesting factor is the image. It definitely plays an important part in whether you pick the sound.

Kind of ridiculous if you think about it because the sound could be created anywhere.

Now I have two issues with this one. Firstly, there is no still. Instead it is a plug for some other background sounds.

The second issue is the conversation is too loud. You want just out of earshot. In real life you don’t want to get the laptop out next to a loud mouth.

Background sounds should be kept in the background.

This one is another non-English track. Vienna this time. Sounds like a fun place but to be honest it makes me feel a little lonely.

What do I mean?

Well sometimes it feels like everyone is having a good time and you are there at home.

Perfect, this is what I want

What I would really like it is VR app where you are in the cafe. A keyboard is linked into the app, which would be replicated in VR.

From there you could type away on a virtual laptop, while occaisionally stopping to look around at everyone else chattering and drinking coffee.

This would be perfect.

I reckon you would get quite a lot done with that sort of app. People coming through the door would be the only main distraction, which is what you need.

That is the thing about working from home. There are no natural breaks. In an office you get that through chats, impromptu meetings etc.

A lot of people say home workers don’t really work hard. I disagree.

Sometimes, there is nothing to stop you carrying on until you reach burn out. That is why these sorts of sounds kind of work but only as a way to something else.

Lets hang on for VR offices.

Kath Breen

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