You don’t have to skydive to be great at content marketing

Felix Baumgartner
Content Marketing from Red Bull at its best

I am a great fan of content marketing. It is an excellent way to market your business, especially if you are a small business. Or even working from home.

My question would be is it actually a new thing?

For example, the Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as effectively promotional content without the promotion. In other words editorial.

Well, advertorials been around for a long time. And just take a look at the Michelin guide for example. It was originally designed to get people out driving their cars to visit new places.

So to answer my question in some ways is not a new thing.

But in other ways it is.

If you look at what soft drink manufacturers like red Bull and Coca-Cola have done in recent years you will understand there have taken the concept of content marketing to a whole new level.

They have created their own channels and crucially their own publishing platforms. Red Bull especially has been superb in its appreciation of this.

Another brand that has done some amazing work in the content marketing area is Go Pro (a close associate of rebel they work together on a few things), it has created its own channel where it puts on content that its users have actually created for it.

Small businesses and what they can learn

So what can small businesses learn from this, after all Red Bull is a huge company?

Well in essence the whole thing can be scaled down to size. All it takes is the same strategy. You too can create a platform because it could be a blog can effectively just be screen with your own YouTube videos on about your own business the key is to look at how they did it.

For example look at Red Bull. One of its most famous stunts Felix Baumgartner’s skydive or should I say record-breaking skydive that happened quite a few years now really broke rebels content marketing strategy wide open.

What did that have to do with a caffeinated drink? When nothing much really other than it tied into the Red Bull “Gives you wings” tagline.

Where it was clever was that it created something entertaining. That entertaining element got people to associate entertainment with the brand. Therefore it was brand advertising in a way.

If you have a small business you don’t have to send somebody to the edge of space.

But you can take the same strategy and create interesting contents or videos that only marginally reflect the brand your company or what you are selling.

Here’s an interesting take on Red Bull and Go Pros place in content marketing.

Just make sure that you focus on the entertainment and Diskeeper and essence of the brand. Consumers are not stupid they will know who you are.

The message at the end of that is subliminal. It is hard to do though is face it we all have sales figures we need to hit we have a bottom line so you have to bring the money.

Marketing is supposed to get results right? Well maybe but this sort of marketing has a different effect.

I think we should all look at our content this way there is a lot to be learned from the big boys in the business.

Kath Breen

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